Through the eyes of a psychologist

Through the eyes of a psychologist

The process of creating an own puppet and building its history reveals the creator’s features in a symbolic way, his/her unconscious pursuits, desires and needs. For the therapist it is a rich source of information about the client, his/her ways of experiencing themselves and the world, it allows to explore creator’s way of interpreting life experiences.

A puppet can be a tool that allows its creator to look at own selfhood and to define his/her needs, but to a large extent it depends on the workshop participant’s initial level of insight and readiness for this kind of symbolic search for own identity.

Just the participation in the workshop enables one to experience oneself in a group, in contact with other participants, it can become a source of information about oneself and help one create a positive self-image. Therefore, during the workshops it is worth taking care of positive feedbacks from other participants as well as from the leaders.

Through cooperation in the group and the creation of a theatrical etude, participants reinforce the sense of self-agency and self-confidence in social situations. The very presentation of the etude causes concentration on a common goal, which facilitates overcoming the feeling of uncertainty and strengthens the sense of effectiveness of own actions.

Agnieszka Masiewicz


Jolanta Kajmowicz-Sopicka

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